Tim Reynolds and TR3 playing Havana New Hope

tim r 2Virtuoso Tim Reynolds and TR3 will be playing Havana New Hope on Feb. 8, and it’s a show you may not want to miss.

With a musical career spanning more than thirty-five years, guitarist and sonic innovator Tim Reynolds is known for his command of melody and timing, and for his ability to improvise on any instrument he touches. Having explored most musical styles, from rock, jazz and blues to classical and reggae, Reynolds’ wide-ranging musical talent is evident each time he picks up his acoustic or electric guitar. Reynolds’ music is described as “inspired and authentic.”

In the mid 80s, Reynolds founded his breakthrough electric power trio, TR3 (Tim Reynolds Trio), known for their fusion of funk, rock, and jazz. He toured with TR3 during the 1980s and 1990s, using a rotating cast of musicians. It was at this time he met and befriended Dave Matthews and their ongoing musical collaboration began. He eventually  disbanded TR3.

After a number of years in New Mexico, Reynolds relocated to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2007, where he decided to resurrect the electric TR3. The group has been touring ever since, and in 2009 they released their first studio CD, “Radiance.”  He continues to surprise fans with rare acoustic performances throughout the country, including our own Havana, 105 S. Main St; (215) 862-5501.

Feb. 8. at 8 p.m. (6 p.m. doors). Reserved tables; tickets $35 here.

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