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Nick Gialias leaves New Hope’s Logan Inn

Nick Gialias (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Nick Gialias (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Nick Gialias, a key member of the family that owns New Hope’s famous Logan Inn, confirmed today that he has left that business to strike out on his own. Gialias, 35, is also a Republican member of New Hope Borough Council.

A resident of Riverwoods with a wife and daughter, Gialias has a background in biomedical engineering and is a wine expert, among other talents. He is also known as a founder of the New Hope/Lambertville Friday Night Fireworks.

His father, whom has also served as chef, continues at the helm of the Logan, Gialias confirmed. The Logan was established as an inn in Bucks County in 1727.

As for the future, “We want to do our own thing,” said Gialias of the plans he and his wife are pursuing. “We’re hopeful it will work out.”

Many local observers are betting it will, and expect to hear more from this restauranteur sooner rather than later.

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