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New Hope braces for the big chill of ’14

South Main Street in New Hope (Photo: Bryan Montgomery)

South Main Street in New Hope (Photo: Bryan Montgomery)

Update: 9:18 p.m. – NH-S school canceled for tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 3, including all afternoon and evening activities.

New Hope was covered in snow Thursday night, as the Solebury Township Police Department declared a Snow Emergency for all of Solebury Township.

“During a Snow Emergency, no parking is permitted on public roads, and snow tires or chains are mandatory for all vehicles,” explained Solebury police officials in statement.

While the snow was taking center stage Thursday night, most notably in Central New Jersey, ultra-low temperatures could make Friday night, along with the early part of next week, one of the most frigid periods in decades, according to the National Weather Service.

With an anticipated low of 15 degrees tonight, the temperature is expected to drop into single digits by 7 p.m. Friday, and stay there until 9 a.m Saturday. From there, forecasters say, temps stay in the balmy 30s and 40s during the day until Monday night when they drop back down to the one degree level. Lows on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week are expected to be five and 16 degrees, respectively.

Vehicles were proceeding cautiously through New Hope streets at 7:30 p.m.Thursday night. Many road surfaces were completely covered in snow. In terms of staying safe in extreme cold, you’ll probably see warnings here and elsewhere during the coming days about frostbite and carbon monoxide. Here’s one now:

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause death. Before running your car, make sure your tail pipe is clear of snow and debris. In a small space (like a car), carbon monoxide gas can quickly build up and become dangerous.

Stay safe!

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