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Lambertville mayor says he’ll perform first legal gay marriage in NJ

GaymarriageIn response to the ruling by Judge Mary Jacobson on Friday legalizing same-sex marriage in New Jersey, the mayor of Lambertville says he plans to officiate the state’s first legal gay marriage, reports Andy Towle of  Towleroad.

Mayor David DelVecchio, a Democrat, said he will officiate the state’s first legal gay marriage ceremony for Beth Asaro and Joanne Schailey in three weeks as long as a judge doesn’t grant a stay of the Sept. 27 ruling. A handful of couples has already expressed interest in weddings, he said.

“This is just a continuation of the first civil union,” DelVecchio, 56, said today. “If a stay is not granted on the 21st, we’re going to move forward with this.”

Governor Chris Christie has said he’ll appeal the ruling.

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