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Solebury Township Police report two burglaries

Solebury PoliceSolebury Township Police yesterday reported that a “forced entry residential burglary occurred on Armitage Rd. near Sugan Rd.”  They ask that anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious persons or vehicles in the area over the last several days contact 215-348-7400 or 215-297-8201 ext. 111.

Also reported was a daytime residential burglary on Aug. 2 on Windy Bush Rd (Rt. 232) near Great Oaks Rd. The police described a “forced entry to an unoccupied residence which was ransacked by the actor(s) with several items stolen.”  Again, Solebury Township Police are looking for leads from citizens who may have seen unusual persons, vehicles or activity; same contact number as above.

An uptick in residential burglaries is not unusual in New Hope and Solebury during the late summer months, as many residents take vacation and opportunistic thieves travel from home to home, sometimes knocking on front doors and entering after no response.


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