2013 New Hope Film Festival July 12-21

film festivalThe New Hope Film Festival, an event that seems to be gaining momentum with each passing year, comes to town in July and features some especially interesting entries this year. For more info on dates, times, locations and the latest gossip, follow the New Hope Film Festival on Facebook.

Founded by D. F. Whipple in 2009, Marianne Speiser and Danny Sailor soon lent their skills to the event, along with Thom Michael Mulligan, an award-winning independent film producer and actor who oversees the festival’s selection process as Executive Director – Submissions. Hollywood screenwriter Mark Rosenthal serves as an ongoing festival advisor.

The festival’s core mission is “to discover and nurture independent filmmakers, many of whom are seeking world and U.S. debuts and remain overlooked and/or under-appreciated by other forums. This broad and inclusive group includes filmmakers from outside the United States. With the exception of special events, this film festival is a competition with strict rules.”

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