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Why does the Delaware Canal look so awful?

canal slime“Just imagine the New Hope Canal filled with water creating a gorgeous setting for all to enjoy again. Imagine the beauty, pleasure and value that this could bring to New Hope, the community and its visitors.”

It appears that residents and visitors alike will have to keep imagining that vision — articulated by local group “New Hope for our Canal” –indefinitely. The canal of late has been looking worse and worse, with low water levels despite recent rains, and signs of poor maintenance in sections around New Hope.

And what of the related and apparent inertia surrounding the restoration of a working mule barge concession in New Hope? Spokespersons for the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources were not immediately available to comment on the canal or mules…must be the holiday.

The non-profit Friends of the Delaware Canal was kind enough, however, to issue a statement on June 26: “Having problems with leakage in New Hope, but a new coffer dam was installed yesterday between Bridge Street and Rabbit Run Bridge, The pump is back running, and lining in the problem area will be undertaken very soon.”


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