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Parking meter kiosk replacement leads to $10 flat fee at main New Hope lot

Some merchants and visitors have been wondering lately why New Hope’s main municipal parking lot adjacent to Borough Hall has been charging a flat rate of $10 per day on weekends. The lot had been charging by the hour.

The problem say borough officials is a worn-out meter kiosk that requires an expensive circuit board replacement because it tends to begin jamming at especially busy times, like weekends, rejecting currency and losing the Borough what it considers to be vital income.

The solution, accepted at the May 14 Borough Council Meeting, was to completely replace the meter kiosk, and the new one is due for delivery in mid-July. Until then, vehicles will be charged a $10 fee — an amount considered by borough officials to be “competitive with what private parking lots are charging on weekends in New Hope” — allowing parking from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends and holidays.


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