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A peaceful show of strength as bikers move through New Hope’s Main Street en masse

Beginning around 11 a.m. on Sunday, what appeared to be at least 1,000 motorcycles moved through New Hope along Route 32, with local law enforcement keeping a polite distance and waving the bikers through.

It was not immediately clear whether the rally had anything to do with the recent heightened crackdown on bikers on S. Main St. by traffic officers, but one helpful New Hope PA Facebook reader pointed out that the event was part of a “Hero’s Ride” set up by the Bensalem Police Department Motor Patrol Unit to raise money for the Bucks County Chapter of the Heroes Scholarship Fund, which provides financial and educational assistance to the surviving spouse and children of fallen law enforcement officers, firefighters or emergency medical persons.

If some riders had also intended to peacefully show the strength of their numbers, they certainly succeeded. Said one merchant observing the parade, “Two thumbs up.” Another seemed indifferent, saying, “I really don’t care one way or the other.” In any event, a heck of as day for a ride, along with a nice taste of New Hope irony.

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