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From Find Sarah Majoras on Facebook:

“There is no way to word this that makes this statement less painful. A female body was found tonight by rescue crews in the Canal in Lambertville that does match the description of Sarah. It’s excruciatingly hard to say that the search for Sarah might be over but we can not abandon the family that we have created over the past 4 days and for most – over the past 16 years. This community is testament alone to the overwhelming Love that we had for Sarah, the same Love that she showed all of us day in and day out. We ask that you reflect and grieve and reach out for support if you need it. Please reserve any rhetoric outside of those lines and instead convert that energy into a positive force and send it to her family and closest friends. As involved as we feel – it is unimaginable how they feel. Thank you everyone for everything – we did this together – Stay Strong for Sarah. Rest in Piece kind soul.”



Older Posts:

Tuesday morning, Jan. 29 — The search continues for 39-year-old Sarah Majoras of Lambertville, who works as a bartender at John & Peter’s bar on Main Street in New Hope. She was last seen while walking home from the bar about 2 a.m. Saturday. Police say her cellphone was switched on until Saturday, and a pair of glasses found near the Delaware & Raritan Canal in Lambertville did not belong to her, although searchers were active in that area today, as well as side streets and wooded zones.

Dozens of volunteers from Lambertville and surrounding towns, along with law enforcement officials, are participating in the hunt for the well-known Majoras. Divers and underwater cameras are still in use.


Anyone with information on Sarah Majoras’ whereabouts is asked to contact New Hope Police at 215-862-3033.




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