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New Hope gets some power back, Lambertville still in the dark: residents wonder why

Photo: Sara Scully

By Sara Scully

Lambertville Mayor DelVecchio said in response to New Hope regaining power this afternoon at Wawa, and other Bridge Street locations, “You cannot compare Pennsylvania to New Jersey, they are two completely different states with two different power companies.”

Lambertville residents still remain without power, while Flemington has been restored.

New Jersey remains challenged by several areas in a state of emergency, where JCP&L must attend to calls.

After Hurricane Irene Mayor DelVecchio was successful in getting JCP&L’s attention to the City to restore power in 3-4 days after it went down. Residents have this successful benchmark fueling expectations that he will turn around results for the City, and get power restored quickly.

Dispelling rumors, Ward Sanders, City Council Member added, “Contrary to rumor, the City did not turn off the power.”

There will be no advance notice that the power company, JCP&L will be coming to town to restore power. According to Office of Emergency Management Coordinator, Dave Burd, “For safety reasons, the power company will work to restore power without notifying [the City].”

Residents are encouraged to report outages to JCP&L and to avoid touching downed wires as they could be energized by phone, cable, or electrical surges.

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