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New Hope gets a sushi joint, and it’s worth trying

Spicy tuna pizza at Sushi Palette in New Hope (Photo: Bryan Montgomery)

I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much for $5 at Sushi Palette in the ungapatchka Four Seasons Mall at 32 S. Main St. in New Hope, but I was fooled. The new take-out restaurant has slashed prices on all items to get things rolling, so the menu is filled with $5-$7 rolls that seem too inexpensive to be true. But these could easily be in the $10+ range anywhere else, and they are a cut above you-know-who at you-know-which Square.

The salmon was excellent, as was the eel. The white tuna was a standout, and special of the day — spicy tuna pizza — was inspired. The decor is sparse, as the space has just opened for business. Service is of average speed for sushi, so you’ll wait a few minutes as the owner/roller Kwan Kim crafts each dish with some degree of individual care.

There’s also counter room for quick meals (they’re not pushing the sit-down boundary yet), and delivery service is expected soon. At these introductory prices, this one’s a no-brainer.

Sushi Palette can be reached at 267-714-4044.

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