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Massive natural gas pipeline being built through New Hope and Solebury

Area near Delaware River toll bridge

Signs of large-scale construction activity near the New Hope-Lambertville toll bridge in Solebury and at the former “Cartwheel” site near Logan Square in New Hope have had many local residents scratching their heads recently.

It turns out that Spectra Energy, a large natural gas company operating multiple U.S. and Canadian gas pipelines, is expanding their New Jersey-New York pipeline to Lambertville, with New Hope and Solebury directly in the path of its extended route over the Delaware River and all the way to Oklahoma. New Hope and Solebury lie between the Marcellus Shale (read: fracking) area of Eastern Pennsylvania and the Delaware River. Environmental concerns over the existing pipeline have arisen in the past, say industry observers.

One key question is whether all the big 36-inch green pipe clearly visible from Routes 32 and 202 represent a replacement or expansion of existing smaller diameter pipe, some of which is used to provide “lateral uptake” into the gas feed system.

Recent activity at the former club “Cartwheel” site adjacent to Logan Square is related to the pipeline expansion — it’s apparently being used as a storage and staging area for construction of the pipeline, based on a visit to the site and conversations with area residents.

Spokespersons for Spectra Energy were not available for comment. Stay tuned.

Map posted on Spectra Energy website


Natural gas pipes stored at former Cartwheel site

Cleared grassland from Rt. 32 to Rt. 202

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