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Police Warn Of ‘Fake Business Scams’

Police issued tips on Tuesday.

A Solebury Township police vehicle. File photo.

Solebury Township police are warning of “fake business scams” that may target local residents.

Below is the warning from Solebury Township Police Department:

Is a scam involving a fake business listing for cheap services that, once performed, they will overcharge the customer for poor workmanship.

Scammers’ Tactics

The scams work by flooding business finding services online with a multitude of fake business listing. All the phone numbers of these listings eventually link back to a single operation, usually without a legitimate address or license. The descriptions will be like legitimate companies accompanied by similarly misleading advertising.

• Scammers pretend to be someone you trust. They impersonate a company or government agency you know to get you to pay. But it’s a scam.

• Scammers create a sense of urgency, intimidation, and fear. They want you to act before you have a chance to check out their claims. Don’t let anyone rush you to pay or to have to work completed.

• Scammers ask you to pay in specific ways. They often demand payment through wire transfers, cryptocurrency, or gift cards. Don’t pay anyone who demands payment this way. It’s a scam.

Research the company listing and phone number.

  • Make Sure to Review the Company’s Website
  • Use multiple online search engines to conduct research
  • Information about the company’s payment methods
  • The purpose of business transactions
  • The business’ location
  • The nature of the company

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