Bucks County Farm Celebrates Decades Of Helping, Rescuing Potbellied Pigs

A farm in Bucks County is helping potbellied pigs.

Ruby the pig at a recent Bucks County Commissioners meeting.
Credit: Lauren Diehl/County of Bucks

A Bucks County potbellied pig farm has become a tourist destination over the years.

Ross Mill Farm in Warwick Township was recognized recently by the Bucks County Commissioners for its years of operation.

To celebrate the occasion, farm staff brought potbellied pig Ruby to a recent commissioners’ meeting to accept the proclamation.

Credit: Lauren Diehl/County of Bucks

Susan Armstrong-Magidson, the operator of the 30-acre farm, started Ross Mill Farm with her husband in 1990 and it has shifted more and more to assisting rescued pigs.

The farm is home to the nonprofit Pig Placement Network, which helps match people with pigs that are up for adoption, Armstrong-Magidson said.

“Education is a significant part of what Pig Placement Network does,” she said, noting that the group hosts seminars and has educational material.

Armstrong-Magidson said misinformation from breeders about “teacup pigs” and “micro-minis” that don’t get larger has led to rescues and sanctuaries being overwhelmed once a pig gets to its full weight, which can be more than 100 pounds.

Pigs have meticulous bathroom habits, shed little, are smart, learn quickly, are easy to train, enjoy the comforts of a house, are not destructive, don’t have body odor, won’t catch fleas, and make great pets and neighbors, Armstrong-Magidson said.

“Pigs make great pets, but unfortunately, not all human families make great pig parents,” she said.

The farm and Pig Placement Network works to help unwanted, abused, or abandoned pet pigs.

In addition to helping rescue pigs and get them adopted, the farm offers boarding services, grooming, veterinary care, and transportation.

The farm plans to open an Airbnb cottage on its property and manufactures pig food that is shipped across the country, Armstrong-Magidson said.

The farm employs eight full-time workers and seven part-time employees.

Volunteers are being sought to help the operation, Armstrong-Magidson said.

The farm and a large barn on the property were established in the early 1700s.

Ross Mill Farm will open to the public for tours in April.

For information on tours, donating, or pigs, visit

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