Solebury’s Deer Management Program Underway

The township is looking shrink the deer population.

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Solebury Township’s annual deer management program kicked off earlier this month and is planned to continue through the spring season.

Under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services, the program will carry out operations on various nights until the end of May.

The program, which has taken place for years, looks to augment the township’s sport-hunting efforts by incorporating professional targeted deer removal strategies.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services experts will employ forward-looking infrared technology to locate and safely target deer across both township and privately owned lands, according to a township statement.

Property owners participating in the project have granted access through the completion of USDA Form 12A, ensuring all actions are conducted with proper authorization.

“This action continues to address public safety, over-browsing of native vegetation and agricultural crops. This management strategy supports long-term protection, preservation, and restoration of critical elements of the natural and cultural landscape while maintaining a healthy deer population within Solebury Township,” the statement said.

Deer harvested throughout the duration of the project will be processed and donated to local charitable organizations, the township said.

Residents seeking further details or interested in how they can assist or participate in the project are encouraged to reach out to the Solebury Township building at 215-297-5656.

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