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Lambertville Mayor Running For Second Term

The city’s mayor is running for reelection.

Lambertville Mayor Andrew Nowick in a past livestream.

City of Lambertville Mayor Andrew Nowick is running for reelection.

Nowick, who took office in 2022, announced this week that he is seeking to serve the city for a second term.

Nowick, a Democrat, won the 2021 election against former Mayor David DelVecchio, who had been mayor for nearly 30 years before losing the Democratic primary in 2018 to Julia Fahl. In 2021, Fahl opted not to run for reelection.

As of this week, Nowick had no Democratic opponents for the spring primary.

Nowick was raised in Massachusetts, lived in New York City, and moved to Hunterdon County in 2004. In 2011, Nowick, his husband, and three kids moved to the City of Lambertville.

Nowick released the below statement on his reelection campaign:

“I was elected on the promises of openness, inclusivity, and working as a full-time mayor.  

“When I began my mayorship, the city faced the enormous challenge of rebuilding after Hurricane Ida. By the end  of my first year, we completed extensive repairs and mitigation to our creeks, culverts, and roads. While this work  was underway, we also began an ambitious effort to make Lambertville more resilient in the face of climate related hazards, and our efforts have yielded strong results. 

“In the last two years, we have stabilized our city finances and brought in nearly $4 million in grants and  supplemental appropriations. New projects will add green infrastructure to our parks, update and expand our  Department of Public Works facility, increase education around resilience, improve stormwater management,  mitigate flooding, and undertake a stormwater utility feasibility study. Most recently, we were awarded a  significant grant from NJDEP’s Municipal Assistance Program to develop a resilience action plan. 

“The foundation of my mayorship has been a steadfast commitment to constituent and community issues.  Whether meeting residents at a flooded street corner in the pouring rain, holding weekly office hours, or  answering all emails and telephone calls, I find great satisfaction in being available and accountable to our  community.  

“If re-elected, improving our resiliency and flood preparedness will remain a top priority. I will also continue to  strengthen our city finances with the same discipline that brought millions of dollars in grant funding to  Lambertville and secured our recent upgrade by S&P Globing Ratings. 

“Like every resident who loves Lambertville—for its history, its vibrancy, and our shared values of civility,  friendliness, and community—I give what I can. It has been an honor to serve as mayor, and if the voters will give  me the opportunity, I’d very much like to continue for a second term.” 

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