Start Of New Hope-Lambertville Bridge Detour Delayed By One Day

Although there is a slight delay, the work will still begin next week.

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The start of the project to update the New Hope-Lambertville Toll-Supported Bridge has been postponed one day.

The work was to begin next Monday after weeks of preparation, but the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission said on Wednesday that the start has now been pushed back to Tuesday, January 30.

On Tuesday, the New Jersey-bound detour will begin.

“The project contractor has since asked for an additional day before starting work at the bridge.  Rather than start a scheduled traffic detour on Monday and not have work taking place on the bridge, it was decided to launch construction and travel changes on Tuesday instead,” the commission said in a statement.

Starting next Tuesday, the eight-month-long traffic detour for New Jersey-bound drivers will begin at the intersection of Bridge and Main streets in New Hope Borough.

At first, the detour will reroute the bridge’s Pennsylvania-bound traffic into the lane usually reserved for New Jersey-bound vehicles. The traffic shift is expected to last until May when traffic will return to its regular upstream lane.

In accordance with major changes announced earlier this month, the bridge will stay accessible to pedestrians during the work.

The bridge rehabilitation project encompasses replacing the current fiberglass panels that make up the walkway, cleaning and repainting of the bridge’s steel-truss superstructure, repair or replacement of deteriorated or compromised steel components, upgrading roadway and walkway lighting to an energy-efficient LED system, installation of a programmable color-changing LED lighting system to accentuate the bridge’s Pratt-truss architectural profile, replacement of electrical wiring and connections, and updating the bridge’s security camera system with the addition of up to two new walkway cameras.

Below is more information from the commission:

New Jersey-bound detour: The uninterrupted New Jersey-bound traffic detour will have two starting points: at the intersection of East Bridge and Main streets in New Hope and at the intersection of West Bridge Street and Route 202 to the west of New Hope’ commercial center.  Detour signage will direct affected motorists to the nearby New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge and Route 202 northbound, which is toll-free for travel into New Jersey.  The full detour route continues to the intersection of Main Street/Route 29 and Bridge Street/Route 179 in Lambertville.

The NJ-bound detour map can be viewed at this link: https://www.drjtbc.org/wp-content/uploads/NJ-bound_travel_detour_January_to_September.pdf

Stage 1 project work:  The initial traffic changes to be put in place next week will produce a cordoned construction area on the bridge’s upstream side. This protected area will allow work crews to execute a series of Stage 1 project tasks: installation of a suspended debris-containment/work platform beneath the structure; erection of scaffolding and tarping systems; cleaning the upstream steel truss down to bare metal; making repairs where needed; applying a three-coat paint system; and conducting various electrical and lighting work

The Stage 1 work zone and bridge travel pattern can be viewed at this link:   https://www.drjtbc.org/wp-content/uploads/Stage-1_bridge_travel_starts_January_29.pdf

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