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Solebury Police Alert Community To ‘Door Kicking Challenge’

Solebury Township police are cautioning against a dangerous new trend on social media.

A Solebury Township police vehicle on a traffic stop. File photo.

Solebury Township authorities are raising alarms about a hazardous new social media trend known as the “door kicking challenge.”

Township police reported that individuals partake in this activity by donning masks, forcefully kicking or banging on people’s doors, and subsequently fleeing the scene before they can be identified – all while recording the incident for social media.

“It’s a dumb and dangerous prank!” said Solebury Township police.

“You don’t know what ways the homeowner or resident will protect themselves, their home, or their family when they feel threatened by this act. It could cause real harm to all involved,” police said.

Law enforcement officials cautioned that pranks not only provoke fear but could lead to violent confrontations, injuries, or worse, should homeowners take measures to protect themselves, their families, or their property.

Police are urging parents to discuss the serious nature of this trend with their children and teenagers.

Officers emphasized that those engaging in the “Door Kicking Challenge” may not only be endangering themselves and others but could also face criminal charges for their actions.

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