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Bucks County Community College Students & Brewery Unveil New Collaborative Beer

Bucks County Community College collaborates with Moss Mill Brewing Company to launch Centurion Ale, a unique beer blend celebrating the college’s mascot and sports legacy.

Susan Alexander with cans of the beer.
Credit: Bucks County Community College

In a fusion of academia and craft brewing, Bucks County Community College’s STEM Department has teamed up with an area brewery to introduce Centurion Ale, a new beer inspired by the college’s iconic mascot and athletic teams.

The STEM Department created the beer in collaboration with Lower Southampton Township-based Moss Mill Brewing Company.

The exploratory beer creation features a mix of malted barley grains sourced from Proximity Malt, coupled with the distinctive taste of German Tettnang hops and an authentic German ale yeast strain. Boasting a deep amber hue, Centurion Ale has an alcohol by volume (ABV) rating of around 5.5 percent. Fans of the beverage will note its biscuit malt flavor, harmoniously offset by a touch of hop bitterness, offering a perfectly balanced taste.

Patrons eager to sample the exclusive brew can find Centurion Ale freshly tapped at Moss Mill Brewing Company.

Additionally, for those wanting to savor the taste from the comfort of their homes, canned 4-packs are available for takeout, the community college said.

Credit: Bucks County Community College

Adding a touch of local creativity, the can’s design resulted from a county-wide competition. Susan Alexander, of Quakertown, won the contest and her artwork now graces the face of each Centurion Ale can.

“Bucks County Community College and Moss Mill Brewing Company anticipate that this will be an ongoing partnership, with each new Brewing and Fermentation Science cohort having the opportunity to be a part of the brewing process,” a statement said.

Bucks County Community College said they are at the forefront of brewing education in the Philadelphia region and offers an associate of applied science degree in Brewing and Fermentation Science.

The community college noted the program stands as the sole brewing science associate degree in the region.

The class is designed to arm students with the requisite skills for a career in the brewing and fermentation sectors. Enrollees must be a minimum of 21 years old when signing up for beer production-related courses.

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