Lambertville Completes Tree Inventory With State Grant, Eyes Future Greenery Projects

The city’s trees have been recorded.

The City of Lambertville. File photo.

The City of Lambertville has completed an inventory of trees.

Over recent months, specialists from contractor ArborPro have documented trees across city properties and along Lambertville roadways.

Mayor Andrew J. Nowick noted in a recent email to the community that the project was a success, emphasizing its value not just as a resource but also as a stepping stone for additional green initiatives.

The initiative was backed by a 2022 grant from the New Jersey Urban and Community Forestry Program.

“This inventory not only serves as a vital resource for Lambertville but also opens opportunities for us to seek further grant funding. This will be instrumental in advancing tree planting efforts and other urban greenery projects,” Nowick said.

The mayor expressed gratitude to all involved, singling out the Shade Tree Commission for its significant role. Additionally, Lauren Kovacs received special acknowledgment from the mayor for her dedication to the project.

Residents and those interested can now access the inventory data online.

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