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Lambertville Public School Secures Parking At North Union Lot

A change in parking for Lambertville.

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City of Lambertville Mayor Andrew J. Nowick announced recently that the North Union Street parking lot will have some daytime restrictions.

Beginning Monday, August 28, the North Union Street parking lot will no longer be accessible to the public during school hours. From 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days, the lot will serve as additional parking for the Lambertville Public School, which is being temporarily relocated to St. John’s Jesus School amid renovations.

The City of Lambertville recently inked a lease agreement with the district, dedicating 19 spaces from the North Union Street lot to accommodate the school’s parking needs.

Lambertville Public School requires approximately 60 spaces.

St. John’s Jesus School has provided 21 spaces, out of which seven are earmarked for a recess area.

The mayor said Lambertville Station is stepping up to offer between 25 and 30 spaces at no cost for when they are needed.

Residents and visitors will easily identify the change, as the North Union Street lot will display clear signage indicating the restricted hours. During school vacations and holidays, an overlay sign will be placed, notifying the public of open parking availability, the mayor said.

City officials plans to hand-deliver letters notifying neighbors in the central business district about the changes.

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