Area Residents Can Receive Money From $725 Million Facebook Settlement

A $725 million settlement means local residents are eligible for money.

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Facebook users who has an account over the past 16 years are eligible to claim a share of a $725 million settlement from Meta, Facebook’s parent company, due to privacy breaches.

Claimants have until August 25 to submit their claims.

The settlement originates from lawsuits against Facebook. Users alleged that their data was improperly shared with entities like advertisers and data brokers.

The issues gained traction after the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal where user data was harvested to profile voters.

While Meta has set up a website to facilitate claims and payments, it maintains it has admitted no wrongdoing.

Eligibility for a monetary claim applies to U.S. residents who utilized Facebook between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022.

To claim, users must visit the designated website and provide necessary details:

  • Personal information: name, address, email, and phone.
  • Facebook usage details: Dates of usage, any deletion period, and username.
  • Payment preference: PayPal, Venmo, or a prepaid Mastercard.

The claim process takes minutes.

Users uncertain of their Facebook username can retrieve it via the “Settings and Privacy” section on Facebook’s site or mobile app.

Individuals with multiple accounts can only claim for unique periods of use and not multiple simultaneous accounts. Claims for deceased individuals are allowed, but necessitate additional steps and documentation.

Meta has verified the legitimacy of the settlement.

The exact per-user amount is yet to be determined, depending on the total number of claims. The legal team might get up to 25% ($181.3 million) of the settlement, leaving $543.7 million for eligible claimants. Payout calculations will be based on the total number of active months each claimant had on Facebook during the specified period.

Funds are expected to be disbursed later this year, following a final hearing on September 7.

Even if the settlement is greenlit, potential appeals could delay payments.

Previously, users could opt out or object to the settlement. However, the deadline for these options was July 26.

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