Free Webinar To Help Bucks County Homeowners Avoid Contractor Fraud

Don’t fall for a junk contractor.

Workers build a home. File photo.

In an effort to help residents fend off contractor fraud, the United Way of Bucks County is offering a free educational webinar.

The session, which will last 30 minutes, is scheduled for Monday at 4 p.m.

The nonprofit organization asserts that contractor fraud tends to increase following natural disasters, such as the floods that recently affected the county. The online seminar will feature advice on how to properly evaluate contractors and subcontractors, identify potential red flags, understand the components of a responsible proposal, and utilize state resources.

Participants will also have the chance to ask questions during the session.

Among the guest speakers are Michael Bannon, director of Consumer Protection/Weights and Measures for the County of Bucks, and Brian Baer, executive director of the Elevated Studio. Both will share insights and provide guidance on how homeowners can avoid scams.

“Scammers will try every avenue to take advantage of an area where residents were hit hard,” Bannon warned.

He encourages the community to join the webinar to learn about the warning signs of fraud.

Baer stated, “The information provided during this session will help guide homeowners through a safe and secure process of retaining a contractor for home repairs.”

Those interested in registering for the webinar can do so at

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