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Lambertville Unveils Plan For Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

New electric vehicle changing stations will be installed.

Electric vehicle charging stations in a file photo from Alabama.
Credit: Jim Hughes

The City of Lambertville will be getting two electric vehicle charging stations.

The charging stations will be installed at the municipal lot at 18 North Union Street. The charging stations are located right in the central business district of Lambertville, bustling with life and culture, officials said.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer this service to residents and visitors. As electric vehicles become more prevalent on the road, we can support those owners by offering places to charge,” Mayor Andrew J. Nowick said. “The chargers are a small step, but a meaningful one, towards a more sustainable city.”

The city has wanted to install charging stations for many years.

Volunteers on Lambertville’s Environmental Commission were able to make it possible by obtaining matching funds for this project from a grant.

An optimistic deadline for the charging stations to be installed and ready for use is the first quarter of 2024, according to Nowick.

The funding Lambertville received for the charging stations is valid for 18 months. 

The charging stations, which will be two 100kw DCFC dual-port chargers, will cost $100,500, according to Nowick.

The city is still in the process of gathering quotes for the prospective contractor. 

Besides installation, Lambertville will also pay for wiring and setting up electric services for the units.

The charging units Lambertville selected are made by Flo. 

Flo is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations. A company has said they want to help fight climate change and Americans who want to switch to renewable energy sources. Now, 90,000 Flo charging stations have been installed across the country.

This project is a crucial win for environmentalists, electric car drivers and the City of Lambertville Council.

“Lambertville has always continued to lead the way on green energy solutions,” Lide said.

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