Solebury Police Launch Blue Envelope Program For Drivers With Autism

The Solebury Township Police Department introduces the innovative Blue Envelope Program to improve communication and interaction between drivers with autism.

A Solebury Township police vehicle. File photo.
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In a move aimed at enhancing the safety and well-being of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, the Solebury Township Police Department has introduced the Blue Envelope Program.

Designed specifically for drivers with autism, the initiative seeks to improve interactions between these individuals and police officers during traffic stops.

The core objective of the Blue Envelope Program is to streamline communication and ensure a smoother exchange of information between drivers with autism and officers, police said.

Each blue envelope will contain essential documents such as the driver’s insurance card, registration, and driver’s license. During a traffic stop, individuals can simply hand over the blue envelope to the officer, facilitating a more efficient and effective process, according to police.

“The primary goal of the Blue Envelope is to assist drivers with ASD with document organization and to help them understand what to do at a motor vehicle stop. Secondly, the Blue Envelope provides Police Officers with the means to quickly identify an operator of a motor vehicle who has ASD and helps guide Police Officers with the interaction,” police said in a statement.

The Blue Envelopes can be obtained at the Solebury Township Police Department at 3092 Sugan Road.

Police said residents can pick up their envelopes from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Many police departments in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including the Central Bucks Regional Police Department, have adopted the Blue Envelope Program.

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