Area UPS Employees May Go On Strike Come August 1

UPS employee may go on strike.

A UPS truck being fueled up. File photo.

UPS employees are less than a month away from what is projected to be the largest strike in U.S. history.

At issue is market-rate salary increases and things such as air conditioning on UPS trucks. Negotiations between Teamsters and UPS management fell apart early Wednesday morning “following marathon negotiations,” according to the Teamsters.

“UPS walked away from the bargaining table after presenting an unacceptable offer to the Teamsters that did not address members’ needs,” the Teamsters posted on Facebook.

“This multibillion-dollar corporation has plenty to give American workers — they just don’t want to,” said Teamsters President Sean O’Brien. “UPS had a choice to make, and they have clearly chosen to go down the wrong road.”

That means local UPS employees may hit the picket line Aug. 1, when the current labor agreement expires.

Philadelphia-based Teamsters Local 623 has set a practice picket and union rally for July 13 in the city.

“The best way to avoid a strike and win the contract we deserve is to show UPS we’re ready to strike if we need to,” the union wrote on an event poster.

UPS on June 22 said of the labor negotiations, “strong progress [has been] made to date; we’re focused on continuing toward an agreement. UPS is proud to provide the best pay and benefits package in the industry, and we plan to keep it that way.”

With reporting from Bob Conrad of This Is Reno.

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