Creek Survey Taking Place In Solebury

Pennsylvania DEP collaborates with Michael Baker International to conduct a survey of Primrose Creek in Solebury Township, ensuring the protection of downstream residences from proposed quarry reclamation activities.

The survey area will cover the region highlighted in light blue and dark purple.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has hired Michael Baker International to conduct a comprehensive survey of Primrose Creek in Solebury Township.

The survey was scheduled to begin Monday and conclude on Friday, July 7, according to Solebury Township officials.

Personnel from Michael Baker International will be conducting on-site inspections and traversing the designated area along the creek by both vehicle and foot during the daylight hours, officials advised.

The survey will encompass the stretch of the creek extending from the New Hope Crushed Stone Quarry to the Delaware River, officials said.

In accordance with Solebury Township’s requirements for a hydrologic and hydraulic study, the assessment aims to ensure that residences downstream of the quarry will not be adversely affected by proposed reclamation activities at the site.

The sign for the New Hope Crushed Stone Quarry in 2021.
Credit: Google Maps

The New Hope Crushed Stone and Lime Quarry on Phillips Mill Road was ordered by the state to close in 2019 after years of problems and complaints by neighbors.

Since 2019, the quarry owner has removed the crushing plant and several other structures on the property. Crews have been working on reclamation of some of the property and restoring the Primrose Creek.

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