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Boutique With Colorful Flare Opens In New Hope

Josh andAli Linkov in the shop.
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The latest arrival on the New Hope Borough shopping scene is a freshly opened boutique. 

Vignette, the new shop, is located at 15 East Bridge Street and overlooks the Delaware River. The location is an ideal spot for optimal foot traffic from both sides of the bridge.

The owners, Ali and Josh Linkov ought to be familiar faces to New Hope Borough and City of Lambertville locals, as their Lambertville boutique, Foxy Red’s, has been open for five years.

Credit: Steve Cherkassky/

Vignette is replete with meticulously color-coded faire and a style of decoration reminiscent of 1960s Mod culture. A wide range of jewelry, drink and dinnerware, scents, lotions, felt fedora hats, and candles are only a handful of the enchanting wares found inside.

“[Vignette]’s a look into a small picture, a glimpse into what could be,” said Ali Linkov in an interview with the New Hope Free Press.

Currently, prices range from $7 to approximately $400. Services include compiling wedding registries, shower gifts, and hosting charity events.

Credit: Steve Cherkassky/

Speaking of the latter, Ali is not only of an ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit but also one of philanthropy and love of her community.

When asked what brought her to the East Bridge Street location in the first place, she responded, “We’ve been trying to get here for over four years, and we are community builders.”

Linkov then mentioned her early start in charitable work, saying, “I’ve been doing it since I was eight.”

Ali cited answering phones on “The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon” to fight muscular dystrophy at such a young age.

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The opening of this vivacious, charming boutique on East Bridge Street also commemorates the memory of Ali’s loving canine companion, whom she called “Sexy Lexi.” One can see the visual representation of the pup in a ladybug atop the “i” in Vignette on the sign outside the shop.

Though New Hope has its share of attractions for visiting tourists, each business thrives off of local support.

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When asked what she hopes to share with the community, Ali spoke candidly about hosting events and how support for every local business, even several times a year, would “offset the rent” for residents.

The pandemic was especially eye-opening, as she wasn’t immune to the unfortunate effects experienced by many businesses across the country.

“And I think without local support, we can’t do it,” she said.

According to Ali, one of the most important parts of running a boutique like Vignette is the “amazing people” she and Josh meet while running it.

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“I think the reason why we do this is for that,” she said. “People walk in the store that will change your life, even if it’s for that day, and they do, and they become friends.”

Ali continued, saying, “Our customers are our friends. They come to our holiday dinners.”

Whether in the market for something unique or an engaging conversation with owners Ali and Josh, Vignette offers a window into a refreshingly positive shopping experience.

Credit: Steve Cherkassky/
Credit: Steve Cherkassky/

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