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Julia Fahl announces she will not seek second term as mayor of Lambertville

Lambertville Mayor Julia Fahl announcing she won’t seek re-election

By Karen Taylor

In a 13-minute address Thursday, Julia Fahl announced she will not run for a second term as mayor of Lambertville.

She cited a desire to focus on her personal life as the reason.

The mayor opened her address by thanking not just essential workers, but everyone who has worked to help others survive the current pandemic.

Mayor Fahl said she is proud of her achievements during the past two years. These include improved transparency in city government, stronger protection for renters, the creation of a better affordable housing policy, making Lambertville a better place to work, eliminating the use of prison labor for trash collection and preserving the Closson property.

The mayor emphasized that she still has another year in office and intends to continue improving the city, including construction of a catch-basin this spring. She asked that residents continue to be diligent in wearing masks and protecting their health and that of others.

A recording of the address can be viewed through the city’s website.

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