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New Christmas pine tree planted at Logan Inn in New Hope

Residents and visitors have been admiring a spectacular new pine tree this week at New Hope’s “Cannon Square,” the grassy triangle at West Ferry and South Main streets next to the Logan Inn.

The 27-foot Norway Spruce replaces a beloved, but bedraggled, conifer that had served as New Hope’s Christmas tree for as long as anyone can remember. Its removal on September 25 caused concern among many who thought a popular tradition had ended.

But Logan Inn owner Frank Cretella had promised in 2016 to keep a tree at the site, along with the iconic cannon nearby, as he planned the renovation of the historic property.

“Several owners have had the tree trimmed and maintained, but it was in bad shape,” explained Logan Inn General Manager Maggie Smith. “Replacing the tree was part of the plan from the beginning because we’re proud of what it means to the town.”

Unfortunately, the annual tree lighting ceremony and visit from Santa will be put on hold this year due to the covid crisis.

“The tree will be lit this coming weekend as per tradition, but to avoid crowds and keep everybody safe, there will be no tree lighting event this year,” Smith said. “On behalf of Landmark, the Logan Inn and Mansion Inn, we wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday!”



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  • How egotistical can you be to destroy a historic building such as the Logan Inn? It’s a giant white monstrosity that spills into the once historic town like a gigantic plastic beer gut. It’s no longer the town tree. It’s no longer a town, its just a place for people to exploit. New Hope has totally lost its charm. Really sad to see a once vibrant community destroyed.

    • Totally agree. I moved down here to NC eastern shore to retire, and I see PA license plates here every day (to escape, I guess). New Hope has become a north Philly burb. I commuted to NYC from NH, but it is now just a north end bucket of sludge. The once graceful canal is full of discarded shopping carts, etc.

  • The tree lighting ceremony is so important to bringing this community together. This year will not be like most but this tradition must endure. Thank you.

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