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New Pennsylvania covid measures call for negative test to enter state from NJ

Deciding whether to take a walk across the bridge to Lambertville and back will get more complicated for New Hope residents starting Friday.

Among the “targeted” measures announced Tuesday by Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine to address the surge in covid-19 cases is the requirement that anyone visiting from another state have a negative test within 72 hours before entering the state. If not, they have to quarantine for 14 days.

And Pennsylvanians visiting other states are now required to get a test 72 hours prior to returning or they have to quarantine for 14 days.

The order doesn’t apply to folks who commute to and from New Jersey for work.

Fortunately, while compliance with the order is “encouraged,” Levine said there are no plans to check for tests as people drive, or presumably walk, into the state.

That means that Lambertville residents can still shop for groceries at Giant or McCaffrey’s, and New Hope locals can gas up their cars in Lambertville, although it’s strongly discouraged.

“We really want people to stay at home, to stay in their household, and not to travel,” said Levine.

Pennsylvania Department of Health officials were not available for comment on the new rules.

Also announced Tuesday were tighter requirements for wearing masks when away from home. People outdoors who can’t socially distance from someone who doesn’t live in their household still need to wear a mask. But now if they’re indoors, masks are required even if they’re physically distant from others who don’t live in their household.

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  • So . . . will those “official” men in orange vests on the bridge who sit in their little huts and refuse to discuss what their actual responsibilities are, be stopping people & asking for test results? Maybe not yet, but don’t be surprised when it happens. Democrat states going for complete control.

  • You are THE problem. Sure, be selfish. That’s all that matters. Only YOUR rights count. Not those of 260,000 people who died because people like you think individual rights are more important than human life. Do you think it’s ok to drive drunk because no one’s going to tell you what to do? We put people in jail for this- as we should people who think they must prove wearing a mask or not is their choice.

    •’s a virus. Viruses don’t care about your perceived selfish thoughts of your political opponents. It doesn’t care about your enemy Trump, nor your Savior Biden. It doesn’t care about virtue signaling on social media and it doesn’t care about mask theater. Let’s continue living and protect vulnerable people.

  • It’s refreshing to see people with some common sense complaining about this fraud’s “orders” that have no rule of law. Live your life. Stop listening to these fools, and attend any protest that’s organized.

  • well, last time i checked, this is a free country. I’m travelling, and I’m not social distancing with my family. I’m also not wearing face coverings. End of story.

    Second, this is a FREE COUNTRY. People are not going to be punished when they did nothing wrong.


    • Hey Free Citizen, I respect that you feel that way. But I wish you would post your name and your picture so that if I see you out and about I will know to keep my distance. You have to understand that your not taking any precautions puts e and everybody else at risk and the least you could do is let people know that we need to stay away from you.

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