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OPINION: Democracy is worth the wait

By Monica Weninger and Jean Weston

Bucks County voters have demonstrated a phenomenal interest in this election.

It has been an exceptional year: not only have we been introduced to no-excuse mail-in ballots and a new, more secure in-person voting system using hand-marked paper ballots, but we have participated in this election in record numbers during a raging pandemic.

Voters’ engagement in this election has been made possible by the dedication of our public servants – from County Boards of Elections to poll workers to postal workers. State and County officials have had to anticipate changes to voting procedures due to ongoing litigation, and they have adjusted plans as needed. All of these dedicated people have worked hard to ensure that our democracy functions smoothly and fairly throughout this election season.

When Pennsylvanians’ ballots begin to be processed at 7 a.m. on Nov. 3, work will continue nonstop, day and night, to ensure that every vote is quickly and accurately counted. Over 9 million voters are registered to vote in Pennsylvania, and nearly half of them are expected to vote by mail. Processing this number of ballots is a herculean task, and while every effort will be made to have results as soon as possible, it is more critical to have a fully accurate count.

Let us all celebrate the privilege of voting in our country, appreciate those who make this effort possible, and wait confidently for the official and accurate results.

Democracy is worth the wait!

Monica Weninger and Jean Weston are co-presidents of the League of Women Voters of Bucks County.

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  • The new paper ballots are definitively NOT more secure.

    When a poll worker was showing me how to insert my paper ballot, she could clearly see who I voted for.

    Also mail in ballots are taken OUT of the secure privacy envelope and handled by a human.

    How is that more secure?

    Paper ballots are too retro.

    We can send a man to the moon, but we can not figure out a way to cast a ballot without someone possibly being able to tamper with it.

  • Perhaps the co- presidents of the League of Women Voters of Bucks County will answer this question. As of 9 PM this Sunday night Nov.8, 2020, Pa. has 6,375,000 counted votes while other states are far ahead of Pa. Here are some other numbers: California 13,900,000. Florida 10,942,000. Texas 11,082,000;New York State 13,904,000.So what’s the holdup?

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