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Pennsylvania makes mask-wearing mandatory

Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine on Wednesday ordered that masks be worn whenever citizens are outside and can’t maintain six feet of distance from non-household members, inside public buildings, riding mass transit, obtaining health care services, and when interacting with the public at work.

The only exceptions are for people who can’t wear a mask because of a medical condition, those under age two, those unable to remove a mask on their own, and those trying to communicate with the hearing impaired.

“This mask-wearing order is essential to stopping the recent increase in covid-19 cases we have seen in Pennsylvania,” Gov. Wolf said. “Those hot spots can be traced to situations where Pennsylvanians were not wearing masks or practicing social distancing – two practices that must be adhered to if we want to maintain the freedoms we have in place under our reopening.”

Today’s order expands on the business safety order signed by Levine in April that requires the wearing of masks in businesses.

“It is essential that Pennsylvanians wear masks to prevent the spread of covid-19,” Levine said. “While cases increase in some areas, we cannot become complacent. My mask protects you, and your mask protects me. Wearing a mask shows that you care about others, and that you are committed to protecting the lives of those around you.”

The mask-wearing order will be sent to state and local officials, law enforcement and others tasked with education about the order for those not in compliance.

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  • Does Dr. Levine or Gov. Wolf have the legal authority to “ORDER” people to wear masks? I am under the assumption that ONLY the state legislature must first pass the law and then it has to be signed by the governor. Is there a lawyer who can straighten this out?
    My big concern is the fact that the Bucks County Department of Health has as its “Guide lines” the fact that when kids return to school that(a) the school does not have to check the kids temperature upon entering the school (b) Kids can sit just 3 feet apart and (C) they do not have to wear masks.

  • More people die in car accidents and suicide. Other flue seasons have been much worst. You are getting tested for monetary reset. From cash to bit coin and it takes a long time to load a computer system with all the money in the world. Nothing will ever go back to normal. How many people do you know who had it?

    • “How many people do you know who had it?”

      Just listing people I know personally, as in I speak to them with regularity and could call their homes today (not counting people I’ve just heard about through others, which would add a lot), five.

      I know two that have it at this very moment that are active cases in Solebury.

      And I know a family of three that had it in May (my sister’s neighbors of the last 30+ years). The father died at the end of May.

  • Oh Cece you’re proving the point. You and your ilk: “if you disagree with me you are either a poor ignorant rube or a bigot, racist…name your ‘ist’”. It’s such a turn off it drives people who don’t live on the coasts (or were educated in Madison) to vote for that d-bag. So thanks a lot.

    • Now you’re getting desperate Timmy.

      When the “Coastal Elite” thing didn’t work out, you’re trying to paint Wisconsin as a liberal bastion.

      I went to college in the famous elite liberal cauldron known as Eau Claire, WI.

      Back to Menasha.

      Then a little over a decade in ultra-liberal, elite enclave Wadsworth Ohio.

      And now, finally, as I’m on the coast (of the Delaware River). Give me another few years and I may get to an actual coast before I pass away.

      Stop normalizing the glorification of ignorance and science denial. Your behavior is EXACTLY what lets them get away with it and why we’re in the situation we are today. As I said the first time – grow a spine.

    • 1. You realize John was responding to Sandra, correct? Try to follow how nested comments work.

      2. I lived the first 47 years of my life in Neenah and Menasha Wisconsin, aside from being away for college for four years, and three more at my first job before returning to my home town. If I’m the face of “Coastal Elitism”, ok. Menasha is so small town breadbox midwest, it no longer exists as of a few years ago and got absorbed into surrounding towns.

      3. Keep placating. 59,000 new cases yesterday. As of the past two days, the 7-day rolling average of deaths has begun rising again nationally for the first time since the decline. God forbid anyone should call out the people causing our country to be the BIGGEST failure on the planet during this crisis, due to Trump’s failure, his boot lickers (Ducey, DeSantis, Abbot, etc), and his throng of cultists.

      ““There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

      If calling bigots, racists, fascists, white supremacists, misogynists, conspiracy theorists, and science deniers “deplorables” is all it takes for America to turn into a failed state, we get what we deserve. Grow a spine.

  • CecilI, want him out just like you but your “I’m smarter than all you unenlightened rubes” position is why he won 4 years ago and why he might do it again. Coastal Elitism is not helping

    • It says more about the sorry state of the country that things like believing scientists and doctors, acting responsibly for the common good, and calling out conspiracy theorists, bigots, and adults that throw temper tantrums at Costco about wearing a mask in a pandemic are the things you call “Coastal Elitism”.

      I think it’s a shame that Fox/Breitbart propaganda talking point has even entered the dialog.

      Only in 21st century America is science “Coastal Eitism”.

  • It is only common sense. It is proven that wearing a mask cuts back on the spread of infection. Protects both you and other people.

  • Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine is telling me what I must do? Don’t think so. I’ll put myself and what I want first, just like she did with her mother. When Rachel looks a little healthier, Rachel can give advice.

    • And I’m sure you will be one of the complainers when your actions lead to “non-essential” businesses being closed again later this year and a stay-at-home order enacted.

      It’s because of this attitude that ‘Murica had 48,000 new infections on the same day that the EU as a whole (which has 115 million MORE people than the US) had only 6,000.

      It’s unreal that we have 25% of our population denying science because they get off on “stickin’ it to the libs”.

      The US is an abject failure in 2020.

  • Modern day Nostradamus:

    People will continue to act stupidly irresponsible, cases will continue to rise, bars and gyms shut down by mid-late July, other “non-essential” businesses and schools shut down along with stay-at-home order by September 1.

    Without sever measures mandated, people are too stupid and irresponsible to take the simple steps necessary to allow things to function safely.

    I want everything to reopen as much as anyone, but 20% of the population is still a lot of people and they’d rather kick and scream than put on a mask and keep a comfortable distance.

    We’re cool with “no shoes, no shirts, no service”, but a mask to prevent those around you from a potentially life threatening pandemic and “but muh liburties!”…

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