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Bucks County lawmakers push to reopen barber shops, salons in yellow phase

Several Bucks County lawmakers have teamed up to push for the reopening of barber shops and hair/nail/tanning salons in the yellow phase of the county’s coronavirus mitigation plan expected to begin June 5.

Senators Steve Santarsiero (D-10) and Maria Collett (D-12) were joined by State Representatives Perry Warren (D-31), Tina Davis (D-141), John Galloway (D-140) and Wendy Ullman (D-143) sent Gov. Wolf a letter asking him to issue an executive order permitting personal services businesses to reopen with enhanced safety measures.

The letter references a plan for reopening of the personal service industry used in neighboring Ohio, developed by a personal services workgroup at the request of Ohio’s Governor. The Ohio plan includes a list of requirements and best practices for businesses to implement, such as maintaining six feet of social distancing (except between the client and employee when appropriate), requiring employees to wear facial coverings (with some exceptions), requiring businesses to clean high-touch items after each use, and requiring employees to wear gloves and dispose of gloves in between tasks.

“During a productive call with 45 barbers and hair stylists from across the Commonwealth, they shared the process for reopening their industry that is being implemented in Ohio,” said Sen. Santarsiero.  “Based on the precautions they recommend, paired with the hundreds of hours of training that licensed professionals in the industry receive in sanitation, sterilization and hygiene, I believe it is time to safely reopen this sector of Pennsylvania’s economy.”

“I have heard from many hair, nail, and tanning salon owners in my district, the majority of these salons being women- and minority-owned, who are ready and able to implement these expanded safety guidelines and return to serving our communities,” said Sen. Collett. “It is important that we continue to generate and propose creative solutions and compromises so that businesses in yellow phase counties can begin to resume operations and rebuild while we continue to protect the public health.”

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    • Look, free speech is a beautiful thing. But dammit can’t you leave your partisan politically motivated bashing for Facebook or tweating? This forum was not intended for this and I for one am disgusted by it. Please restrain yourself from the political crap on this forum.

  • I am curious to see what Gov. Wolf’s response to the four lawmakers request will be and how quickly he will respond. Will he answer directly or try to dance around the question. Remember, Gov. Wolf at his press conferences, refuses to take questions directly from the press. He also refuses to allow the press any followup questions to clarify what he said or to challenge his initial response. REMEMBER, in a true Democracy,the overwhelming, significant and crucial element is an engagement of ideas. You speak, I listen. I speak, you listen. Only Cowards refuse to engage.

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