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Local musicians adapt and reflect during covid-19 quarantine

Tyson Sleete introduces once of his favorite albums with Christina Ward looking on.

As local eateries have either closed or moved to takeout only, the entertainers that worked at our nearby establishments have had to adapt to this period without the ability to perform in front of live audiences.

John and Peter’s has managed to keep their Open Mic Night alive, Beacher’s Community Stage at Karla’s has kept on virtually and many others have taken to their own personal Facebook pages to perform live.

The covid-19 pandemic has take taken a global financial toll, as well as a psychological one .

To get a better pulse on how local musicians are handling it all, the Free Press and Go To Concierge gathered six local musicians on Sunday, May 17, to discuss how their lives have changed. For a talking point, we also asked them to provide some album recommendations that they have retreated to during these tough times.

If you don’t have time to watch the thirty-four minutes in its entirety, the “CliffsNotes” are below.


The big question: What are three albums that you’ve gone to in times like these, or albums that remind you of better times?

Bronwyn Bird, Lambertville – The Birdhouse Center for the Arts, Facebook, YouTube

Justin Nawn, Lambertville – also of the Birdhouse

Jerry Fiess, Nashville, Tn. (grew up in Stockton) – Spotify, Instagram

Tyson Sleete, Dublin – Your Kids and Ominous Black Turtleneck

Christina Ward, Dublin – also of Your Kids, Bandcamp

JB Kline, Lambertville

One additional highlight from the interview was from Bronwyn Bird, who just gave birth to her second child a week before the quarantine began:

“Go and find an album that is from a time that made you happy — so I don’t want people to go and listen to what made me happy, I want them to listen to whatever it is that brings them to that good time, that place. And just remember that we’re going to be in that place again.”

Many of the participants suggested readers contribute to John & Peter’s and Karla’s Restaurant to help keep local music alive.

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