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Gov. Wolf threatens to punish rebellious Pennsylvania counties

Governor Tom Wolf on Monday said the state’s actions to stop the spread of covid-19 are working and that counties threatening to unilaterally reopen “must stay the course and follow the law or there will be negative consequences.”

Public officials in several counties still under aggressive mitigation orders last week threatened to rebel against Wolf and unilaterally move to the next phase of the governor’s reopening plan.

Bucks County officials have taken a more moderate approach, meeting Saturday afternoon with representatives of the Wolf administration to press their case that the county should to be moved into the yellow reopening phase.

“Pennsylvanians are fighting for our lives,” Gov. Wolf said Monday. “We have fought this deadly virus in the best way we can, and sacrificed in ways we could never have imagined. It has been a new kind of heroism – in many ways a quiet heroism. These heroic acts deserve to be met not by surrendering, but by staying the course.”

The governor reiterated that reopening too soon can cause covid-19 to spread, for cases and deaths to spike and for closures to be reinstated perhaps for much longer.

“I cannot allow residents in a red county to get sick because their local officials can’t see the invisible risk of the virus in their community,” Wolf said. “So, I must, and I will impose consequences if a county locally lifts restrictions when it has not yet been given the go-ahead by the state.”

The governor outlined the following consequences to counties that do not abide by the law to remain closed:

  • Counties will not be eligible for federal stimulus discretionary funds the state receives and intends to provide to counties with populations of fewer than 500,000.
  • Businesses in counties that do not abide by the law will no longer be eligible for business liability insurance and the protections it provides. The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance released details of this earlier Monday.
  • Restaurants that reopen for dine-in service in counties that have not been authorized to reopen will be at risk of losing their liquor license.
  • County residents receiving unemployment compensation will be able to continue to receive benefits even if their employer reopens. Employees may choose not to return out of concern for personal safety and safety of co-workers.

“This is not a time to give up,” Wolf said. “This is a time to rededicate ourselves to the task of beating this virus. I intend to keep fighting, and I believe that the overwhelming majority of my fellow Pennsylvanians intend to keep fighting it too. With that unity, I know we can win.”


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  • Do to Wolf what the citizens of Wisconsin did to their governor. Take him to court. The judge sided with the people against the governor. The state is now opened.

  • Punish,punish.Since the State has closed down why hasn’t he cut the staff without pay and let them apply for PPP and Pandemic unemployment and let’s see how fast they are protesting and uprising.Include the teachers in this and the STATE WOULD OPEN TOMORROW.How did we ever elect such a fool.

    • I agree with your stance on the govt. workers, but eachers are paid by individual school districts not the state of PA. Talk to a teacher. They ARE working harder than ever!

    • Sadly, we did not. Takers from Filthadelphia (I lived there, it’s a dirt hole) and Pittsburgh elect their savior. Whomever gives the most handouts wins.

      The best part is my wife is not qualified for unemployment thanks to this idiot. Subs, who can work almost full time and take the crap assignments no other teacher will, are not eligible…considered seasonal help.

      If she were an illegal? Fahgetaboutit…she would triple her yearly pay. Liberals suck.

  • The Governor game plan is voting by mail.We all know where that leads and by whom STARTS WITH D. The Wolfman is not subject to the same scrutiny and bias as a Republican Governor would be UNTIL NOW!!! Don’t let them chip away at our freedoms.

  • “ . . .must stay the course and follow the law or there will be negative consequences.” When did the PA legislature pass a law about this? Edicts, yes, but law? He does not have the power to override the Constitution.

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