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Lambertville Mayor Fahl urges residents to sign up for Swift 911

Downtown Lambertville on Friday afternoon

Lambertville Mayor Julia Fahl on Saturday encouraged residents of to sign up for Swift 911 for local COVID-19 updates.

“It’s everyone’s civic duty to sign up for Swift 911 to get local alerts,” she said.

In addition to the notification system, Fahl said the city was updating its website and pushing out information via the city’s official Facebook page.

Fahl explained in a March 15 Facebook Live message that the city “will be using the Swift 911 system to reach out if there is a local emergency.” She also emphasized that residents call to check in on neighbors and friends during these trying times.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will be holding a press conference at 1 p.m Saturday in which he has said he will announce further restrictions.

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  • The mayor was walking around town with a baby and 3 other friends Friday. Maybe exercising social distancing… or planning another terrible idea, like building in a flood zone. Oh well :*

    • Really. At a time like this your saying negative things. She’s an elected official and a pretty good one. Look at how she solved the parking meter issues.

      • The Catholic church threatened to sue the city over her parking meter ideas, so she had to drop it. She is a terrible mayor, and many of those who voted her deeply regret it given her actions in office. She sets a fine example for the people by attending parties during a pandemic. She needs to be recalled immediately.

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