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Intoxicated woman taken to hospital Saturday night after New Hope incident

An impaired female was rushed out of the pizzeria.

A young woman appeared so intoxicated Saturday night at a South Main Street pizzeria in New Hope that she was rushed to Doylestown Hospital by responders from Central Bucks Ambulance.

New Hope and Solebury police were called to Spatola’s Pizza at 86 S. Main St. at around 7:45 p.m. by a patron who observed a pair of females who were under the influence and had attempted to enter the kitchen area of the restaurant.

One of the women apparently collapsed at some point, and food and other debris could be observed on the floor. A second female was escorted outside in handcuffs, and questioned by a police officer.

Another female was taken into custody.

“What did she take?” he pleaded. “You’ve got to help her! What did she take?”

The detained female was uncooperative, and was placed in a police car.

The ambulance bearing her distressed companion screeched off into the night at full speed.

Witnesses outside the pizzeria said they had seen the woman staggering about South Main Street prior to the incident.

Police at the scene declined comment.


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