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Congressman Fitzpatrick says he will not vote for impeachment

With the House poised to vote on articles of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA 1st District) on Tuesday said that he will not support the move.

“Second only to declaring war, impeaching a President and overturning the results of an election is the most significant action that Congress can take,” Fitzpatrick said in a statement. “Impeachment is a constitutional nuclear option of last resort. Historical precedent demands that this only occurs in the most extreme of circumstances, and should happen only after a formal law enforcement investigation where independent, non-partisan factual findings of criminal activity are presented to Congress.

“As a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, any legitimate investigation must be completely nonpartisan, must be 360 degrees in its scope, must leave no stone unturned, must not prejudge the outcome, must follow the facts wherever they lead and must report those facts with unimpeachable integrity,” he continued. “None of those elements have occurred here. This rushed impeachment inquiry was poisoned from the very start when House leadership made the irresponsible decision to place this investigation in the hands of Chairman Schiff’s Intelligence Committee rather than referring the matter to law enforcement to conduct the fact-finding.

“By pursuing an entirely partisan path with an artificial timeline and a predetermined outcome, and with the issue at hand being as serious as the overturning of the results of an election, House leadership has set a very dangerous precedent for our nation, and one which I will not support,” Fitzpatrick added.

Democratic candidate (PA-01) Judi Reiss on Tuesday blasted Fitzpatrick’s decision.

“I’m not surprised by Brian’s decision to vote ‘no,’ but I am disappointed in his lack of leadership,” said Reiss. “He called for an investigation by law enforcement, but continuously fails to defend them, including his former agency, even as they’ve been attacked by his colleagues. He said we need to hear from everyone, then allowed the administration to block witnesses. He called the hearings partisan and a circus, using his own party’s talking points and undermining the seriousness of the process. His contradictory statements and abysmal attendance record during testimony proves, from the very beginning, Brian was never committed to finding the truth.

“Now more than ever, the people of this district deserve fearless leadership,” concluded Reiss. “Something I believe Brian has failed to live up to.”

Concerned citizens and grassroots activists will gather at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday outside Fitzpatrick’s Langhorne office to urge him to vote for the impeachment of President Trump.

“The president is charged with abuse of power and obstructing Congress,” said Laura Rose, Grassroots Organizing Chair for PA Statewide Indivisible. “After hearing from 17 witnesses and listening to the case put forward by both the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, it’s clear that the president did both. We are urging Representative Fitzpatrick to recognize that our democracy is in grave danger, and to do his job and uphold his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.”

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  • Trump has lied and cheated his entire life. He screwed every contractor and supplier he’s ever done business with, and now he’s doing it to the American pepeople .

    To his credit he’s a great salesman and con artist, as evidenced by most of the previous poztings.

  • These people are crazy !
    I truly hope every single person involved in the impeachment circus is brought up on charges ! I haven’t ever submitted anything like this so I didn’t already say it.

  • “After hearing from 17 witnesses and listening to the case put forward by both the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees . . .” 17 witnesses hand-picked by Democrats after holding secret meetings in the bunker below the Capitol. Witnesses who have proven to be Never-Trumpers. Republicans gaveled into silence by the lying, unhinged Adam Schiff whose difficulty with the truth is being exposed this week. “Undermining the seriousness of the process?” There was no process. It was a one-sided, partisan attempted coup to unseat a man they can not defeat in an election. This should have been handled in a court of law, but that would have taken too long and the Democrats needed this done quickly, by Christmas. Protest all you want. Rep. Fitzpatrick is representing the people who voted for him not the “grassroots activists” who think a protest will change his mind.

  • This is disappointing news from a Congressman who we have looked to as a leader in Bucks County, and counted on to reflect the majority of its citizenship. Hearing that he is failing to do more than follow partisan rhetoric rather than representing the opinions of the Bucks majority who are abhorred every day by the criminal and abusive acts by the POTUS should be reflected by in the polls in our next election. It’s very discouraging from a man who bravely stood against his party in fighting for equality for all yet now fails to recognize that our rights are challenged daily by Donald Trump.

    • Daniel, you do know Fitzpatrick is a Republican don’t you? He might seem to agree with you on some issue, but when it comes to unseating a duly-elected President, he will vote his conscience. I don’t expect you to understand that. I live in Bucks County and am not abhorred (drastic word don’t you think?) every day by my President. Criminal & abusive acts? Not obvious to me. I am enormously proud of all he has accomplished over the past three years. Admit that you hate the man & it blinds you to all the good he has done. I see from the vote tonight that one Democrat voted Present. That’s what Obama did all the time when he was in the Senate. Never wanted to take a stand. Coward. Not surprised.

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