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Rally to support impeachment inquiry planned for Sunday in Doylestown

Rally speakers Scott Wallace and Cindi Sternfeld

Concerned citizens and residents of Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District will gather on Sunday in Doylestown to urge Representative Brian Fitzpatrick and Senator Pat Toomey to support a House impeachment inquiry “based on the President’s solicitation and encouragement of foreign interference in the 2020 election,” according to organizers.

The event begins at 5 p.m. as a short march from the Doylestown Starbucks at 10 N. Main St. to the Old Courthouse at 55 E. Court St., where speakers Scott Wallace and Indivisible Lambertville-New Hope leader Cindi Sternfeld will address the crowd.

“It will provide an opportunity for citizens to make their voices heard to support the ideal that nobody is above the law,” say organizers. More than 100 people are expected to attend, including members from PA Statewide Indivisible and the NAACP.

“It’s time for all decent Republicans to stop viewing the impeachment inquiry as partisan,” 2018 Democratic Congressional Candidate Scott Wallace says. “There’s nothing partisan about protecting America’s elections from foreign interference, or preventing a president from abusing his official powers for personal gain, or standing up for Congress’s constitutional oversight duties against baseless presidential obstruction. This should, and must, be our bipartisan patriotic duty.”

“Fundamental to the success of any democracy is the participation of its citizens,” says Cindi Sternfeld, leader and co-founder of Indivisible Lambertville New Hope. “We participate when we vote, when we call our members of Congress and when we peacefully assemble to protest. In a democracy, these are our rights but they are also our responsibilities when the sanctity of our elections have been threatened.”

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  • Facts? Trump requested election assistance in return for providing US taxpayer money to Ukraine. The whistleblower said it, Trump said it, and the conversation notes released by the White House say it. Trump. Broke. The. Law. But you and the Drumpf seem to think he’s exonerated. And there needs to be no “attempt to subvert;” just the asking for assistance is the crime.

    And, by the way, what the White House released is NOT a transcript but rather notes about the conversation. The officially released document states clearly on its first page “this is not a transcript.”

    Add to that the 10 instances of obstruction of justice revealed in the Mueller Report, instances that Mueller himself said would have resulted in idictments against Trump had Trump not been a sitting president.

    Then there are the emoluments violations where Trump is making money–off the government!–by retaining financial interest in his businesses. The president is not to receive any income other than his salary. (So says a little thing called the Constitution).

    His new hotel in DC violates its lease. The lease specifies that no elected official may be a lessee. The building is owned by the federal government (i.e., you and me) and the lease excludes elected officials. Yet, there is Trump.

    Need any more FACTS?

  • Let me get this right…solicitation and encouragement of foreign interference in an election is bad. Yet the entire basis for the early Democratic push to remove Trump was based on a dossier that was paid for by Killary for the purposes of discrediting her political rival. From foreign sources…sounds kind familiar yet not a word about that? Typical liberals. Nothing useful to do. I have plenty of projects that need to get done. I can light some incense and play peace music…come on over…

  • President Trump has done so much by himself with no help from the democrats. Anyone who has taken so much abuse since he became president deserves the respect of everyone. He has accomplished miore tin his short term than any other president and without the backing and support of the congress. To put on a march for impeachment is ridiculous and only shows how stupid the American people can be. It’s mostly democrats who,have no idea what this,president has done for America. What man can be strong and still stand after all the shit he has been through. It’s time for the democrats to stop their rdiculous agenda and support the president. Hillary llost. Get over it.. The Democrats need to get back to work and stop their stupid impeachment nonsense. He didn’t do anything g wrong. He us protecting us, the people of the US

    • It is against the law to ask the head of a foreign government to look for ‘dirt’ on a political rival.

      Is there a question about this?

      Against the law is against the law.

      If I take my trash can and dump it out over the highway I have broken the law. These laws are in place so that people like me do not dump their trash on the highway.

      That’s a local law. They also have laws for the government so if someone gets in office they cannot run amok. They put these laws in place so our heads of state do not get in cahoots with other heads of state.

      He’s guilty, he knows he’s guilty, he told us he’s guilty. They are now just getting as much stuff against him so that he does not wiggle out of this one.

    • Trump is a con man, and you’ve been conned. You like Trump because he hates the people you hate. What he has done by himself is put children in cages, betray our Kurdish allies to line his pockets from Turkey, request election assistance from a foreign government and make that assistance a requirement of receiving US taxpayer money appropriated by Congress. Need I go on? The people who “get” Trump are the people who have known of him from way before “The Apprentice,” when he was a NY real estate owner denying housing to “those people.” I went to the rally today. One attendee’s poster sums it up beautifully. Next to a portrait of Trump, it said “Does this ass make my country look small?” Indeed he does.

  • I’m pretty sure that you need FACTS before Impeaching a President????? Unless we have adopted the new Socialist form of government????? OUR PRESIDENT has already released the transcript of the so-called high crime or misdemeanor (LOL) and the President of Ukraine confirms there was NO attempt to subvert….. Hopefully, the Representatives this mob is trying to intimidate will follow the rule of law and NOT participate in this ANTIFA assembly of crazies.

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