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New Hope-Solebury teacher charged with sexually abusing student

A teacher from New Hope-Solebury High School has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a female student in 2005.

Kevin A. Elvey II, 41, of Yardley, was arraigned Wednesday on a first-degree misdemeanor count of corruption of minors, and was released on unsecured bail set by District Judge Michael W. Petrucci at $50,000.

The abuse allegedly occurred during the spring of 2005 while the victim, then 17, was a senior at the high school, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Bucks County Detectives. The victim reportedly said the sexual acts took place at Elvey’s home on multiple occasions.

Elvey has been suspended from his position at the high school since June. The District Attorney’s Office said that it believes additional victims could exist in this case, and asked that anyone with information contact Bucks County Detective David Hanks at (215) 348-6344.

“If you have been victimized by this man, we have the resources to help you,” said Bucks County District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub. “Whether you were a victim or have information about other victims, please do not hesitate to call.”

This case remains under investigation by Bucks County Detectives, and has been assigned for prosecution to Deputy District Attorney Kristin M. McElroy.

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  • The 17 year old was not a child. And yes why would you repeatedly go to a house if you felt you were being abused. And 17 to 27 is not far apart age wise. Regardless if it was consensual yes it was stupid on his part but if she just decided oh now I am feeling bad about this but I am going to now ruin someone’s life because I am not happy now. And to Lee F above the guy was not twice her age. He was 27. Read the article. This happened 14 years ago. How or why would they even prosecute this now. Women now can ruin men’s lives. And I know men have sucked but so have women.

  • Will not jump to conclusions here, nor will I immediately believe we have a real victim. Abuse, several times, at his house? Why was she there and why did she keep going back? #MeToo does not automatically make her innocent. That being said, he was just plain stupid if he really did this.

    • Thank you for exposing your ignorance. I invite you to educate yourself about cycles of abuse and manipulation from people in positions of power. She was a child. This man is a predator that hurt many children’s lives. This issue has been around for as long as humanity and I guarantee you have loved ones who have been through something abusive, so at the very least for their sake I hope you try better than this moving forward.

      • I believe the ignorance here might be your immediate assumption that this man is “a predator that hurt many children’s lives.” Why? Just because a woman says so? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It’s called due process and it is in great peril in this country. Have you never read stories about men being unjustly accused by spiteful women? Having their lives ruined and their reputations destroyed? What would constitute my “trying better then this moving forward”? Blindly believing something just because a woman says it? Have we learned nothing after Christine Blasey Ford and the rapid rush to judgment of Kavanaugh? Neither you nor I know the whole truth here. There are three sides to every story, his, hers & the truth. We’ll see.

        • A man used his position to manipulate a minor. Even if the victim was a willing participant that kind of conduct is completely unacceptable from a school employee. It is textbook corruption of a minor, Sandra is approaching this from a rape perspective and is a bit confused.

        • So let’s talk about the ignorance of assumption. Sandra’s last statement refers to “spiteful women.” This article is not about a woman. It is about a child – both in the eyes of the law and with respect to any adult who would use their position of trust to take advantage of them. He was 41. She was 17. So let’s talk about THAT. Because if you assume – as your post implies – that a high school student is a “woman” and that a man more than twice her age might be the victim of her spitefulness – or that she has to answer to why she was at his house, then Claire is indeed correct. You should educate yourself about the cycles of abuse and the gradients of age, status, and power that define what is inappropriate.

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