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Gov. Wolf urges legislature to advance LGBTQ civil rights, hate crime protections

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf

As legislative sponsors rally support for long-overdue civil rights and hate crime protections for LGBTQ Pennsylvanians, Governor Tom Wolf on Monday said that neighboring states have already taken these steps, and Pennsylvania’s outlier status could turn away businesses or residents trying to relocate here.

Wolf called on the legislature to take up both non-discrimination protections and expansion of the hate crimes law to cover LGBTQ Pennsylvanians.

“It remains an embarrassment for Pennsylvania that we stand out for failing to provide basic protections that our neighboring and competitive states have long-ago enacted,” Wolf said. “The legislature should provide our citizens these basic civil rights protections. Pennsylvanians strongly agree that these protections should be in place.”

“I join lawmakers, business owners and bipartisan advocates in calling for votes on these bills,” continued Wolf. “Our laws allow people to be denied a job or housing simply because they are LGBTQ. It is time to right this wrong.”

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