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Raven bar in New Hope closed for repairs

Source: Kurfiss Sotheby’s

News that the bar and restaurant at the Raven Resort in New Hope had unexpectedly closed set off an avalanche of rumors Tuesday. The hotel portion of the resort remains open for business.

The popular destination, located at 385 W. Bridge St., typically ramps up for the busy warm season at this time of year.

A spokesperson for the Raven said Wednesday that the closure was due to “sudden repair issues,” and that the shutdown was temporary.

Source: Kurfiss Sotheby’s

“It could be a month,” he said.

The repair problems were “pretty major” and involved “the kitchen and roof,” he added.

The good news?

“We’ll be open before Pride,” said the spokesperson.

New Hope’s Pride Parade and Fair take place May 18.


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  • I drove past the place on Jan 4, 2020. A crane was tearing it down! The pool area is gone, and they’re now at the “Oak Room”. Who is kidding whom? It’s a shame what has happened. Was it bad management? It WAS a great, GOLDMINE! If this could have been avoided. SHAME ON THEM! A HUGE piece of NEW HOPE history has been ruined. How sad that is!

  • I miss the karaoke on Sunday nights. Personally I love it there and think it is an an awesomely amazing place.
    Also only place I can get my Pink Squirrel made by thr awesomely wonderful bartender Mark.

  • Closing sounds suspicious. I hope they open back up, get their act together, and get with the times.
    1. Even when the bar is empty, bartenders are slow to wait on customers.
    2. Restaurant is boring, no healthy options, and meat heavy.
    3. It takes forever to get your food at the restaurant
    4. Restaurant waitstaff often disappear
    5. Music/videos are very old
    6. Stop letting people smoke under the patio, in the pool bar, IN THE POOL!!!!

  • Article says it’s only gonna be closed for a month for repairs. But in the comment section, it looks like mostly everyone thinks its a permanent closure. Anyone either way for sure?

  • Gentlemen (And ladies), ponder this: Sometimes bars where everyone is polite and under 30 and everything is hip and happening, can be quite dull. I’ve had much more fun at the sleazy places (not implying Raven is or was), with the drunken old queens, sex in the bathroom, sarcastic and bitter regulars. Dating myself, but kind of like the Rendezvous in Atlantic City used to be, dark, dingy and a place where you can have a ball!!!

    • It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. So many tales of hearsay that I have heard during my three-day tribute to attending the not so final days of The Raven—FOR NOW.
      If the new owners, Gateway to New Hope, learn anything about their acquisition, then they will glean their venture capital skill set to know and understand that the smart investment money will be in restoring, conserving and preserving the way of life at The Raven that engendered it to be a 40-year, New Hope institution in the first place.
      The current management is off the rails: Randomly removing cash from the cash registers; firing the old accountant who kept the books in tip top shape, sending personal delivery purchases to The Raven from which the young, inexperienced management have dipped their hands into the till to fund.
      OH, the unbelievable stories that I have heard (from my reliable sources over the course of 24 months), are unprecedented. The previous owner, a 28-year-old homophobic Indian, deliberately turned the property into a blighted slum: No sanitation invoices paid (the garbage is STILL piling up in the back, which attracts rats and other vermin); failing to fix the pump on the pool; bill collectors tracking the owner and his maintenance staff in order to demand payment—and, worst of all, creating a hostile, homophobic environment for the past two years, and now that the property has been sold to Gateway to New Hope in June, 2019, the new owners don’t seem to be even marginally invested in the gay community, and what their needs are—much less the community’s WANTS.
      But, if the new breed of parvenu, cash fortified gentrification of The Raven’s stable, 40-year history foolishly believe that they will now ‘herd’ the remnants of this once gay friendly-and-thriving hamlet into the Blue Moose and the former site of Odette’s, then shortsighted thinking on this ill conceived scale will only lead to hasten their OWN demise, I sadly predict.
      My premonitions are already starting to take form: The last days of The Raven were not visited for ‘The Farewell Symphony’ by the true, blue, LOYAL customer base for the past 40 years (as I eagerly expected a mega bash of a reunion to unfold during the last, three-day Columbus Day weekend), but a scattering of transients, opportunists, and disinterested party goers—ALL arriving for the party—and, NOT in remembrance of the fragrance of a bloom from another place, another time.
      Worse, The Raven’s dearest, beloved and long term bartender, Glen Kennedy (who presided over the Oak Room bar for decades), passed on to ‘Glory’ on Sunday, September 29, 2019—a tragic and ominous loss of a beautiful life, and testament to what was already in the works for The Raven’s own shabby demise. In his memory, there was a medium size portrait that was placed on the middle shelf of the Oak Bar, but no mention of Glen’s upcoming memorial service that will be held across the street at The Lodge in the Woods on November 3, 2019.
      So, today, Columbus Day, I feel wounded. I am bereft from the deep disappointment that I personally witnessed over this long holiday weekend; the faces that I didn’t see, the reminiscing of the past that didn’t occur, the preservation and posterity of a way of life that served so many New Hope (and, visiting) residents with great pride, dignity—and, ALWAYS welcoming accommodation.
      Maybe I am getting older, now that I’ve reached the half a century mark, but the ‘persistence of memory’ regarding some of the most cherished good times, memorable friends and acquaintances and a ‘sanctuary’ from the Big Apple (where I was ‘third generation’ born and raised). But, the haunting memories of all of those spirited ghosts of the past leave me meditating in a perpetual state of ‘malaise,’ and now fully awakened to the ‘Cold Light of Day’ reality that: Time destroys everything …

  • Been a huge Raven fan for years. I hope it comes back, I do enjoy being outside by the pool having a cocktail in the summer.

    That said, I’ve noticed the same nasty belligerent drunks ( a Bill O’Reilly look a like in particular) in the corner of the bar. I would enjoy having a drink at the bar, until being yelled at and insulted across the room, yet no security throws them out or stops serving them. This is probably why attendance has been lackluster.

    I hope it rebounds. The staff is wonderful, and deserves better.

    • Your right Raven Fan.There are a couple in their one obviously challenged once he is on his third he starts screaming,grabbing and just making a total ass of himself.That is the reason a few of my friends won’t go back.The bartenders try but when your a idiot your an idiot CANNOT CURE STUPID.

      • Thanks!

        I only visit once or twice a month. And this group in particular has been there almost every single time I was there, lunch time, dinner time, after dinner, tea dance. Must be there all day long, every day.

  • Was at the “R” this winter, O so sad it was. I love to go out to gay bars-I was the only hotel guest – Boring!! unfortunately the law enforcement makes it a dangerous proposition, but so do the commandos at the pool table. If you want to lure the general population and huge crowds 365 some attention needs to be paid to the environment. I suggest you visit “The Pines” in Saugatuck MI for some ideas, and build sleeping quarters that fit the pocket books and desires for real gay individuals. and the population around the area. 60 individuals paying 45$ for a safe cot/rack and a hot shower is 2,700$ a night. Wish u the best with the repairs and hope to see some change.

  • Some people want to blame the older crowd for a lack of younger clientele at the Raven, but the truth is that if the young ones were really interested in coming out in numbers, they would drive out the older guys within a month.

    Fewer people are willing to play cat and mouse with the DUI patrol, and in addition to that, dating aps have made the nightclub life nearly obsolete except for a hand full of die hard club goers who aren’t continuously glued to their phones.

    • The phone was invented to talk rather than write a letter. We are going back in time to just text even then in code and in the bar the person right next to you.Even if reopened the Raven will still not have a 21 to 39 crowd especially if the same bad management is involved.

  • Wow. Cub Room packed last night with all MEN for a change.Hear Burns will soon be there Hope we can finally have MEN rather than the carnival that went to the Raven.We all know the group that did make it a eyesore.

  • I enjoyed the piano music in the oak roon on weekends with either Russel or Michael. The sing-a-long around the baby grand was pleasureable-especially the Gerswhin tunes. I also enjoyed lunches when Robby was bartending. I asked him how much the ten dollar sandwiches were? He always repied “15 dollars.” The lunch menu included Chicken Transgenders (Robby) aka Chicken Tendrs, Mahi Mahi “Fish so good they named it twice.”, so fresh it still had a hook in it. The crowd was always cordial, and the atmosphere friendly. The video music seemed aimed toward a younger demographic. The staff is great. Perhaps the lack of patronage is due to the economic reality that younger people are mired in student loan debt and healthcare woes. I enjoyed the front porch in the warmer weather before they painted everything black and hung mirror balls. It was more airy and bright and resort-like in the past.

  • From out of town but so unhappy about this. I came on Friday’s and Tuesday the bartender could not have been better. What happen I read some of the items above but I do not every remember anyone in charge.Maybe that is what happened nobody there.

  • I always like the bartender Robby.He was funny,nice and always a pleasure. I did have part of the ceiling rain on me one time and Robby said part of the charm and that would be 72.50 for the shower.I will miss him.I hope I can find where he goes.

  • because you have people that dont know how to run the bar.. I have never seen a unprofessional rude and down right nasty staff. years ago it was nice the bartenders were eye candy, these bartenders make me want to vomit. and now there is a a girl that does not know how to run a GAY bar , I am not even sure if it is a gay bar anymore its horrendous with these scary people walking around.Now you know why its gone down the sewer

    • Bobby with you on the girl that does not know how to run a GAY bar.I depart about some of the bartenders .We all must remember the ineptness came from the top.Bartenders were never told anything so much stealing and cheating was going on.The Music Man otherwise known as GAPPO would never come to fix problems with music and GOT PAID FOR THIS. We all know social networking and DUI’s killed it for some.21 year olds were not going to Raven.The only support left was from the older crowd. I do agree Bobby these last few years have become a freak show beyond anything I could ever imagine. Sad very sad.Screwing the BOSS did not pay off for some.

  • Was at another restaurant/bar for Happy Hour and they are usually packed on a Friday or Saturday night but decided to go to the Raven to see if anyone we knew was there. When we got to the Raven we pretty much had our pick of seats at the bar. It was pretty empty for a Friday night and not much happening and yea not to many young or old. I don’t really know what’s going on at the Raven but they are in major need of some updating to get out of the 80’s. I do feel sorry for the staff they always seem to try but with what looks like zero ownership or management they have given up.

    • Bill you are so right. Abysmal management more chiefs not enough Indians, horrible music. Constant feel good events that were a waste except Wood Campground group but the few that shine out the Robby Burns, Glen, Philip that knew what REALLY WORKS were silenced by the gender identity driven constant drag a thon (Nothing wrong with drag but enough already).In fact people never knew what PRONOUN to use because you may offend. No rules except combination to the safe. For the right type of Management this could be a GOLD MINE but sadly an Olive Garden maybe its future. Miss the phrase Boner App a Titty AND open to closing. Closing is the world I did not want to hear.

  • Sorry guys Raven Management lies thru their teeth.In fact the management in should have never been even allowed to run a fruit stand.Where are the 21 to 31 group NOT THERE.The music is a big reason it is horrible.Sad that Raven has been run to the ground by greed and special favorites.

    • You nailed it, Reggie. The ruination of The Raven had begun long ago, as soon as Rand Skolnik and his totally inept partner, Terrence Meck ravaged the place for personal gain and unjust enrichment. It was never the same again, despite that the crowds were still in attendance. But, after 2008, when Rand died after only four years of out of control mismanagement, and then the place was closed for an entire year that followed his death, it was never really the same when it reopened on Wednesday, March 20, 2009, and for the past decade, and the changing of hands from Rand to Scott DeWitt, to that homophobic Indian to that bartender/waitress Bari who works with man child TJ behind the bar (and, dipping their dirty hands in the till), is it really any surprise that everything just automatically and progressively collapsed from the crushing weight of greed above from the corridors of all tainted power?

      My only hope and prayer is that The Raven gets renovated, restored, preserved and conserved so that a new generation of patrons can sip exotic cocktails poolside, and make new and fresh memories that emanated from the fine retainers of the old standard from another time, another place. Tradition will continue is there is an audience to propagate it.

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