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Body found in swimming pool at Mansion Inn in New Hope

(File photo of abandoned pool at Mansion Inn)

The body of a missing Lambertville man was found Tuesday in an abandoned swimming pool behind the Mansion Inn in New Hope, according to multiple sources.

The corpse was discovered just before 2 p.m. by a construction worker involved in the building of an addition to the adjacent Logan Inn.

A wallet was quickly recovered from the body, which was covered in ice from the frozen pool, and a kitchen worker from Marsha Brown purportedly identified the victim, who was his friend. The Free Press is withholding the victim’s name pending confirmation.

Abandoned pool (center) behind Mansion Inn in New Hope

Sources say the victim had worked as a cook at Lambertville Station for the last several years, and went missing on Dec. 18. Friends thought he might have been detained by ICE.

The pool where he was found Tuesday had been in disuse for years, was somewhat secluded, and secured by a high, locked wooden fence on all sides, belying the rumored theory that the victim may have fallen in while taking a short cut through the property.

Sources say Bucks County law enforcement officials on Wednesday morning will announce whether foul play was involved.

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