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Lambertville Mayor Del Vecchio Thanks Residents; Recognized by N.J. Legislature

Lambertville Mayor David Del Vecchio and Mayor-Elect Julia Fahl.

Thursday, Dec. 27, marked Mayor David Del Vecchio’s final Mayor and Council meeting after 27 consecutive years heading the government of the city of Lambertville.

Del Vecchio read a statement before reviewing the evening’s brief resolutions and bills list:

There is a new era. The people of Lambertville spoke, they wanted to go in a different direction. Change can be good, change can be not so good, but change is inevitable. What separates the United States from most of the world is that we don’t use armies or guns to transfer power; we do it through the ballot.

I’ve met with the mayor-elect a number of times to give her some guidance and help her form her government, and I wanted to say that I’m available in whatever way you want, to help you succeed. Any way I can be of assistance, I’m happy to.

I look forward to spending more time with my family . . . doesn’t everyone who loses say that? Spending more time at work. Maybe finishing my master’s degree, which I’m nine credits short of.

And for the first time in a very long time, enjoying snow. I’m looking forward to actually seeing it come down and saying, “I don’t have to do anything!”

Serving the people of the city for the last 27 years was a privilege and an honor. And I just want to thank the residents for giving me that opportunity.

During the public comment period, Mayor-Elect Julia Fahl thanked Del Vecchio for his service and read a joint state legislative resolution authored by Lambertville’s state Senator Shirley Turner, Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli.

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