Published On: Thu, Dec 13th, 2018

Solebury Township police investigate residential burglary, offer tips on home security

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Solebury Township police are investigating a residential burglary that took place between Dec. 9 and 13.

The home was located near the 5900 block of Route 202 between Upper Mountain and Street roads in Solebury Township.

Policy say that the homeowners were out of town at the time of the burglary, and that entry to the residence was forced through a rear door.

Police are asking that anyone who may have observed suspicious vehicles or people in that area since last Sunday, or who has surveillance cameras in the vicinity, contact them at (215) 348-7400.

They also advise neighbors to watch out for one another during this busy holiday season, when many are traveling.

“We ask that people keep an eye out for suspicious activity, persons and vehicles,” said Detective/Corporal Jonathan Koretzky of the Solebury Township Police Department. “Suspicious activity can be unusual items and situations — any occurrence that is out of place in your neighborhood.”

According to Koretzky, red flags include:

  • Vehicles parked in an odd location
  • Vehicles not known to belong at a residence
  • Person going door to door knocking in an attempt to solicit or ask odd questions
  • Unfamiliar person walking along someone’s property
  • Use of flashlights in a neighbor’s home
  • Person peering or peeking into parked cars, windows of homes, or closed businesses
  • Unknown vehicles that are extremely slow moving or stopped on residential streets

Koretzky advises residents to contact police at (215) 348-7400 or 911 if they observe suspicious activity in their neighborhood. He also suggests that homeowners and businesses look into using video doorbells and other types of video surveillance to protect their property.

“Simple and fairly inexpensive items assist law enforcement in solving many criminal investigations,” Koretzky observed. “Most surveillance cameras are in real time and at your fingertips, which allows homeowners to get pictures, and alerts them to motion or suspicious activity in or around their house.”

Koretzky also advises residents to register their video cameras with the police department.

“Once registered, officers can reach out to residents and ask to view their video surveillance, saving investigative time in locating cameras.”

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