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Handyman charged with stealing from homes he worked on in Solebury, Buckingham

Patrick Brian Schull

A local handyman had sticky fingers when it came to homes he was working on in Solebury and Buckingham townships, police say.

Patrick Brian Schull, 51, of New Britain, has been charged with burglary, theft, and deceitful business practices, and spent a week in Bucks County Jail before posting bail. He is scheduled to appear before Magisterial Judge Maggie Snow on Jan. 7.

It all started last April, when Schull was hired by an Aquetong Road resident for a bathroom remodeling job. While the project was in progress, the homeowner noticed some items missing from his house. To make matters worse, Schull allegedly never finished the work. Solebury Police investigated, and issued a warrant for Schull’s arrest.

Then a homeowner on Brandon Way in Buckingham called local police on Nov. 20 to report a burglary in which there was no damage to the home and entry did not appear to be forced. “Light ransacking” was observed, police say, and a “large amount of currency” was taken, along with jewelry and silver flatware.

During the subsequent police investigation, authorities discovered that the family had hired a handyman to do some home improvements, which led to Schull and his warrant out of Solebury Township. Police arrested Schull for the theft from Solebury, and he admitted to selling jewelry from the Brandon Way home.  Search warrants were served on Schull’s residence and truck, and items were recovered that are believed by police to be from additional thefts.

Police are hoping to reunite more homeowners with their stolen belongings.

“Anyone who has had contact with Schull for home improvements, and may have additional information or feel they are a victim of theft or deceptive business, are asked to contact the Solebury Township Police Department,” said a police spokesperson.

Likewise, Buckingham Police are reaching out to residents of the township.

“If anyone has any information on stolen property, they are urged to contact the Buckingham Police Department at (215) 794-8812.”

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