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State Rep. Candidates Tai and Thomas to Appear at May 2 Forum

Wendi Thomas and Helen Tai.

State representative candidates Helen Tai and Wendi Thomas will participate in a nonpartisan candidates’ forum moderated by the League of Women Voters of Bucks County.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 2, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., at Anchor Presbyterian Church, 980 Durham Road (Rt. 413), in Wrightstown.

The audience will have an opportunity to submit questions for the candidates.

Democrat Tai and Republican Thomas are running to complete the term of former state Representative Scott Petrie in Bucks County’s 178th District, which covers the borough of New Hope, along with Northampton, Solebury, Upper Makefield and Wrightstown townships.

All registered voters in district, including those unaffiliated with a party, are eligible to vote in the special election on May 15. Primaries for selection of party candidates to run in the November general election for
the 178th Legislative District will also be held on May 15 for registered voters with a party affiliation.

To determine if you are registered to vote and if you reside in this district, visit, or
contact the Bucks County Board of Elections at (215) 348-6154.

Additional information for voters can be found at the League of Women Voters online, and the League can be contacted with any questions about the forum at (215) 230-9986, or email

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  • Republicans gave the PA 178th Legislative Seat to the Democrats! You ask how? There was a huge under vote for Wendi Thomas in the Special Election vs. the General Primary. Here are the results directly from the State of PA Reporting Center:

    2018 General Primary, Democrat TAI, HELEN, 6,274
    2018 General Primary, Republican THOMAS, WENDI,6,653 (+379)
    2018 Special Election, Democrat TAI, HELEN D,6,359 (+96)
    2018 Special Election, Republican THOMAS, WENDI, 6,263

    It certainly looks like the Democratic Machine coached their voters much better than the Republicans. However, shame on those Republicans who couldn’t or didn’t bother to figure out if you only voted once for Wendi Thomas you had to vote for her against Helen Tai in the Special Election and not in the Primary where she was unopposed. Shame on the Wendi Thomas Poll Workers who did not properly coach the Republican voters. Bottom line: the Republicans handed the election to Helen Tai and unnecessarily lost a seat.

    It’s obvious that Democrat voters knew what they needed to do by racking up more votes in the Special Election vs. the Primary. Maybe it’s time to have a recount circa the “Hanging Chad” Florida recount. What was the intent of those Republican voters who only voted for Wendi Thomas in the primary slot?

  • Congrats to Helen for a well deserved victory! As for the comment above, it’s clear Jan has not read the “full text” of anything that Helen has written. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more to read all the details on Helen’s blog and not cherry pick statements. You’ll find she is a thoughtful and caring person.

  • I went to the ‘debate’, it was an agreement session. The only question I had pertained to Helen Tai and her commenting on her endorsements. However, she omitted the solicited endorsement of, which is funded by George Soros. Moveon notes that Helen Tai follows the progressive movement. She, in her acceptance of the endorsement, references herself as a progressive. I have come to believe that you cannot be a Democrat and a Progressive…as is noted by statements of the far left. Mrs Tai has also stated that she has no time for those who differ from her…in essence, she cannot represent the various residents of the 178th!

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