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Lambertville Officials Elaborate on Friday ICE Apprehensions

Public Domain image of an 2010 ICE raid in Houston

At approximately 8:30 a.m. on Friday, two Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrived at Lambertville police headquarters and informed local officers of the detention of two individuals on immigration related charges in the city.

According to Lambertville Police Director Bruce Cocuzza, who arrived to work after the incident, “ICE was looking at a specific vehicle, for a specific individual . . . the one vehicle was a van and had several people stopped.”

Cocuzza elaborated that ultimately two of the people in the van were detained, “who weren’t necessarily the original target, but were on a list of violations.”

Names, or descriptions of the individuals, were unknown to Cocuzza at the time.

When asked who ICE was actually looking for, Cocuzza said, “These were people they were specifically looking for on immigration related charges.”

On early Friday, a Facebook post to the Lambertville NJ group stated, “What’s with the Police (Not Lambertville police) in bulletproof vests fingerprinting Hispanics on Bridge Street this morning?”

Cocuzza confirmed that from what he was told, the ICE agents were fingerprinting the two arrested individuals and were clad in body armor.

On the issue of whether police would actually collaborate with ICE in the future Cocuzza said, “The only way we would ever get involved would be if it was with safety. We don’t participate in ICE’s routine operations, whatever they are.”

Mayor David DelVecchio noted how concerned residents could follow up, “We work through Fisherman’s Mark to put information directly on their website for the community most impacted.”

He continued, “We’re not ICE, we don’t do ICE activities. We would only be involved if it was a matter of public safety.”

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  • The ugly language toward our immigrant neighbors is the language of ethnic cleansing. Why aren’t these people ashamed of enjoying the fear of American born children whose parents can be deported for the “crime” of working hard at honest jobs to raise their families?

  • Very sad to hear the anti-hispanic vitriol being spewed here…I suspect that the economy of the area would be rudely affected if these “vermin” were forced out.

    • Funny how you leave Elizabeth Paige’s comments up Charlie, but take my response to this “bookyak” down. All under the guise of “things are getting out of hand”. Selective censorship! Biased much?

      • Yours response wasn’t “taken down”… it was never put up because of the foul language. Can you express your views on this topic without getting personal or crude? If so, your thoughts are welcome, “Alphie.”

  • About time. Had to get out of Lambertville apartment living for this reason. Every apartment that takes in hispanics start with 2 people and end with a dozen. All night long you hear footsteps hear people coming and going up the stairs. It’s out of control.

  • This is very troubling with ICE agents on the prowl in Lambertville when Lambertville’s Police Chief states that his police would only be involved with ICE if it was a matter of public safety.

    OK, then what were the ICE agents doing with these detainess?

    It sounds very suspicious to me and supports the argument for Lambertville declaring itself a “sanctuary city”. As for the City of Lambertville communicating with its residents, this is not an informative statement from either the Mayor or the Police Director.

    Do tell us more, please!

  • If they were on a list and wanted but not the main target GREAT !!!!! They were caught … If you break the law then the agents did there job. Snowflakes will complain but these people were wanted for reasons we do not know but the police confirmed they were. Like it or not ICE and INS is doing a job local cop do not want to do. Local Police can call ICE if they have someone with no paper but they let them go ..

    • Excuse me but I am an American and I work two jobs daytime and overnights. I can’t stay home and drink Coronas and play Mexican music all night. I work hard to survive in this country while these illegals are getting everything handed to them.

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